Winters of Life

Wow, my first blog was in July, and it is almost December! The older I get, the more time flies in my face, mocking me. A fresh blanket of snow covers the earth outside. It looks so pure. I believe the seasons themselves to be a reflection of God. In Genesis we read that God created the seasons. We read that everything God created was considered good. God could have created an endless summer without changing seasons, but He didn’t. Perhaps we would not appreciate the sunshine if it was constantly at full strength. In a similar manner, as Christians, it is easier to appreciate the Son when we go through the seasons of life.

Winter is a difficult season. It is cold, dark, wet and seems relatively void of life. The trees and bushes have lost their beautiful leaves. The sun seems to disappear for days at a time. The earth seems to come to a standstill. Winter is a difficult season of life too. Sometimes we feel like a tree that has been shaken and lost its leaves. We feel barren, naked and exposed to the elements. What we once took for granted, we now have lost. We sometimes feel as though the love and warmth God provides has left us. We feel the cold sting of the world and loneliness seems to befriend us. My friend, is this you today? Do you feel the chill of winter upon your life? If this is you, do not despair. God has not abandoned you.

When Jesus died on the cross, I am sure He experienced His winter season. He probably felt much as you feel now. Think of the world at this time. It was in need of the warmth of the Son, its Savior. Yet the world rejected Jesus, and nailed Him to a cross. Jesus was in need of the warmth and love of His Father. When He took the sins of the world upon Himself, He cried out, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” It must have been the loneliest moment of His life. Because of God’s holiness, God could not even look upon His Son. Yet it pleased God to bruise Him! The winter Jesus experienced was necessary. The sacrifice Jesus made on the cross saved mankind from eternal death – an endless winter! The winter Jesus experienced ended with His death. He now resides on a throne at the right hand side of God in heaven, basking in God’s warmth, glory and love. If you feel winter is endless, be patient! Winter is just a season, and spring is around the corner!

God created winter. Winter brings many benefits we won’t experience until spring. Although the sunshine is not at full strength, the sun is still present. God may feel a million miles away from you right now, but He is there. Though it may difficult, if you draw near to Him, He will draw near to you. He is never more than a prayer away. The trees outside may look dead, but they are very much alive. They have no leaves, but they are prepared to handle winter, same as you. Grab your Bible, and warm up with God’s Word! He will cover you with His tender mercies and renew your strength. If you look outside on a winter day, you may see a bird or a squirrel gathering food. We need nourishment during winter too. Just as the world seems still, we should be still. Wait upon God to nourish you and speak to your heart. In time, the chill of winter will dissipate, and spring will re-emerge.

When spring comes, the world is reborn. Everything that once seemed lifeless will be like new again. The tender green buds will begin to show themselves on the trees and the snowpack will melt into a raging river and replenish the earth. The grass and plants will grow again. You will grow too. You will become like new. The death throes of winter will teach you how to survive and thrive! You will appreciate the Son so much more and the warmth only He can provide. You will no longer take that which you did before for granted. You will revel in simplicity, and thank the Lord for all He has provided.

Winter is a reality for everyone. If you are in the winter season of life, rest assured that God is there, and He will help usher you into a glorious spring season in due time! Your soul will become like a well watered garden. Thank the Lord for the seasons!


About faithfull4him

My name is Christina Rivas. I am a child of God. In the end, it will not matter how much money I made, how many children I had, what I did for a living, or in how many ministries I served. What matters most in life is how I live each day for God. I enjoy photography, writing, card making, swimming, biking, hiking, traveling, and exploring the Great Outdoors in my spare time.
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