Knitted in the Womb

“For thou didst form my inward parts, thou didst knit me together in my mother’s womb.” – Psalm 139:13

Every life is cherished by God. God values each and every one of us. Before each of us is born, God already began to lay the groundwork of our lives. Every person is created by a loving Creator who gives each person a particular personality, different spiritual gifts, a unique purpose and plan. God desires an intimate relationship with His people. He gives every person hope and His promises are every true. He gave His only Son that each and every person may have eternal life, the opportunity to be forever in His presence, and to experience His everlasting love.

God knows the number of your days, how many hairs are on your head, your every thought, your deepest pain and sorrow, your greatest joys, and all of your hopes and dreams. God has given us His Word to help us through life. He is always with us. He will never leave us nor forsake us. He never changes. It is simply amazing to think that our loving Creator thinks so much of His creation. “What is man that You take thought of him, and the son of man that You care for him?” Psalm 8:4  God is worthy of our praise and adoration. Let us be thankful for who we are and who God is shaping into. Every day He molds us more and more into His perfect image. And when our time here on Earth is complete, we will each be a masterpiece. Our Painter will set down His tools for at last His work is complete.

I hope God has shown you the worth of your life. You will never discover your worth in the world around you. The world will trample you. It will tell you lies. It will ultimately destroy you. True self worth is found in God alone. He even asks us to deny ourselves and to take up our cross and follow Him. He will begin to show us day by day who He is and and who we are in Him. Have you given God your life? God has shown us personally how much we mean to Him. He gave up the life of His own son, Jesus. He allowed Jesus to die so we could live. The Creator came in the form of a man to save His own creation to show His great love for all of creation and as an example we could all relate to on our spiritual journeys.

Have you met the One who knitted you in the womb and loves you more than anything in the world? Have you asked Him into your heart and into your life? God wants to get to know you better. He wants to have daily communion with you. Have you allowed God to take a seat beside you each day? Have you shared with Him what is on your heart and mind? God loves you, and He want you to share your life with Him. He knows you better than you know yourself! Who better to guide and direct your steps than the One who made you?

Pray this Prayer: “Dear God, thank you for creating me and making me so unique. Thank you for loving me so much that you sent Jesus to die on the cross, so that I may have eternal life. Please help me to live my life for you. I know that each day is blessing. Please help me to show others in this world how much their lives are valued and cherished. Every person is a gift from God and has been created for a purpose. Please help me never to forget this Truth and to share it with those who are lost, confused, insecure, suffering, desperate and hopeless. The world needs to know how much You love all of mankind. Amen.”


About faithfull4him

My name is Christina Rivas. I am a child of God. In the end, it will not matter how much money I made, how many children I had, what I did for a living, or in how many ministries I served. What matters most in life is how I live each day for God. I enjoy photography, writing, card making, swimming, biking, hiking, traveling, and exploring the Great Outdoors in my spare time.
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