May I Come In?

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Last Tuesday my husband Mark received a phone call from our landlord that he was back in town for good and wanted to come over on Friday and conduct an inspection of our house. I was more than happy to have him come over and take a look around. The week before I had thoroughly cleaned the house since I had all of this energy and a fresh perspective after two weeks out of town on vacation. But when we set the date for Friday, I had a renewed sense of determination and vigor to do some serious deep cleaning–the kind that everyone prefers to avoid until company comes over. I scrubbed in all of the nooks and crannies, removed and re-arranged things like never before, and swept and vacuumed in some areas that had been neglected over summer. I made sure the house looked spotless, and even the yard was clipped and edged to the best of my ability. When our landlord came on Friday, I was ready for his visit. How about you? Would you be ready for Jesus, the owner of your heart, to do a thorough inspection inside?

On the outside, we can make our hearts look pretty good to the people around us. We might be able to fool them, but we cannot fool God. God can see right through us in a way that no one else can. The Bible says the following in 1 Samuel 16:7: “But the LORD said to Samuel, ‘Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.'” David was the least likely of all of his brothers to be anointed as king. He was not as tall, handsome, old or well groomed as his brothers. By man’s standards, he was just a young, average boy tending sheep. Not the material kings are made of. In God’s eyes, however, he was humble, meek and had a pure and righteous heart that was wholly devoted to serving and glorifying the Lord.

If God looked at your heart right now, what would He see? Would He find parts of it that aren’t been properly supplied by the Word of God? Would there be parts of it clogged with the filth of this world? Would He find dark secrets you’ve tried desperately to keep hidden that are collecting and building up plaque? Would there be pain and hardness from a huge mass of unforgiveness, bitterness, anger and resentment? I assure you that no one has a perfect heart. We are an imperfect people being perfected into God’s image day by day. He gives us heart transplants when we become Christians, and the Holy Spirit becomes the landlord of our hearts. Slowly but surely He will strip away our fleshly and vile human nature and replace it with all that is pure, undefiled and righteous. This process is lifelong, and sometimes it is dreadfully painful and even agonizing to experience. But the Lord knows what is best for each one of us, and He knows the best times to make those changes in our hearts.

Have you asked God to search your heart and test your ways? Has He examined your thought life? Perhaps today is the day you ask Him on your knees to come in with all His glory and radiance and shed some light on those dark corners and hidden closets.  Imagine how hideous they will look fully illuminated and out in plain sight! You might even be surprised to see what has been in there for so long. These dark places are offensive to Him, and He would like nothing more then to help you purge your heart of them. May He reveal them to you in His time and teach you how to walk in His ways and let the things of old go once and for good. Let the cleaning commence, and let Him lead you into the way everlasting!  


About faithfull4him

My name is Christina Rivas. I am a child of God. In the end, it will not matter how much money I made, how many children I had, what I did for a living, or in how many ministries I served. What matters most in life is how I live each day for God. I enjoy photography, writing, card making, swimming, biking, hiking, traveling, and exploring the Great Outdoors in my spare time.
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7 Responses to May I Come In?

  1. Steven Sawyer says:

    Excellent post. I wouldn’t want anyone coming to our house now. My wife was away for eight days aand 1nd I was away for the weekend. Our daughter and her two daughters (3 and 1) live here too so, no, our house would not pass inspection. My heart is another story. Your scripture is a great one to meditate on. As I read your post I thought of the last few verses of Psalm 139: Search me, oh God, and test my heart. See if there be any wicked way in me and lead me in the way everlasting. Thank you for your inspiring and thought-provoking words. P.s. Did your house pass the inspection?

    • Thanks! I understand about not wanting anyone to come in! This summer I was doing crafts with kids where I volunteer at on a weekly basis, and my house looked like a disaster at times with paper shreds, glue tape, paint and such all over the place.

      I really like Psalm 139, and the song that goes with it. I really hope that I can be open to changing whatever God reveals to me that does not pass inspection. He has already revealed a lot of things in my Christian walk, and I’m sure there is much more to learn! And yes, my house did pass inspection! I have to laugh because the inspection took about 10 minutes, and the inspector was mostly concerned about smoke detectors and working plugs and lights. My landlord had to install one smoke detector, and move one over. That was it! Our landlord told us the house looked really good, and even the yard. We got to talking, and he said that if he ever sold the house he would want to sell it to people like us.

      I’m glad your heart would pass inspection, and I hope that you and your wife get a chance to clean up your home soon. God bless! 🙂

      • Steven Sawyer says:

        We love our daughter and both our granddaughters, but I’m afraid we won’t get back to normal until they find their own place. They need a be in a place where they can be a family too. They’re thinking about it. I hope they think fast and find something faster! :o)

      • Well, may the Lord bless you for taking them in during this time of transition. The good Lord knows when the timing is right for them to make the move. May He bless this special and challenging time as you all make memories together!

      • Steven Sawyer says:

        That is THE positive way to live in this season of our lives. You are exactly right. We are all making memories together that will last a life time. With 5 girls in the house (our dog is a girl) I just tell them I have to have some Steve time and visit one of my guy friends once in awhile. They understand that. Thanks for the encouragement and concern. We’ll chat again. God bless. p.s. I’m looking forward to those Ohio in the fall photos. :0)

  2. lbtk says:

    This has been a burden on my heart lately — that my heart reflect what I show on the outside, that I’m walking the talk. Excellent analogy. Enjoyed this post thoroughly. Sandy

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